7 all-in-one security suites: Anti-malware for all your devices

We examine how the major security suites compare in terms of features, ease of use and which devices they actually protect.

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Kaspersky Internet Security - Multi-Device

Kaspersky Lab ZAO

Price: $79.95/yr., $149.95/2 yrs. or $199.95/3 yrs.

Number of devices: 5

Kaspersky Internet Security - Multi Device offers simple, straightforward protection, and also provides advanced PC tools for those technically sophisticated enough to use them. It's marred by not having a Web-based dashboard and offers only rudimentary iOS protection.


The Windows interface is simple and clear, with large icons representing the various security features, including scanning, parental control and others.

Kaspersky Internet Security - Multi-Device (Windows version)

Kaspersky doesn't have the kind of Windows tune-up tools that Norton does, but it does have several technical modules that experienced users might welcome. The Application Control feature gives a snapshot of the current state of your PC, including how many applications and processes are running and how much memory they're using.

If you suspect that any applications are malicious, you can block them, and later enable them if you want. Also useful is a network activity monitor, which shows your network traffic over time. With it you can also see all of your open ports, which protocol they use, and what applications, if any, are currently using each port.

One unusual component is called Safe Money; it helps ensure that when you visit a bank's website, you're actually visiting that site and not a scam page. It does this by comparing the URL of the site you're visiting with the bank's real URL, checks whether the page has a valid certificate, and then opens the site in a protected browser mode to safeguard personal data.


The suite's OS X protection mirrors the Windows version. However, as with other Mac security applications, it doesn't include all the features that the Windows version has, such as Application Control, the network activity monitor and Safe Money. Still, it's one of the better Mac protection suites, and includes not just anti-malware, but also anti-phishing, protection against dangerous websites and parental controls.

There's also protection against keyloggers and screen capture malware, so that your login information and passwords are much less likely to be stolen. Unlike the flat-looking Windows interface, the Mac UI features glowing green highlights and rounded 3D objects.


iOS users won't find much here, and they can download the iOS app free without having to buy the full suite. It provides a browser that protects against phishing and malicious links, but you need to use it instead of Safari. As with similar browsers, it looks and works much like Safari. But that's all you get -- no anti-malware and no lost device protection.


Android protection is solid. There's the usual anti-malware, along with remote location of a missing device, remote wipe and remote lock. And it lets you block unwanted phone calls and text messages. There are some unusual features as well, including the ability to show only certain features of your phone when other people are using it.

Kaspersky (Android version)

The main interface has big, colorful buttons at the bottom for each of the app's features (scanning, anti-theft and so on) and, at the top, a very large icon that tells you whether your device is safe or whether there are any issues with it. Tap the icon to see the problem and solve it.


Kaspersky doesn't include a Web dashboard for managing security on your devices. Because of that, you'll have to install the Mac and iOS modules separately from the PC one.

Bottom Line

Kaspersky Internet Security Multi-Device sticks to the basics and doesn't provide the range of Windows tune-up tools that other suites such as Norton and McAfee include. It also lacks a Web-based dashboard and doesn't offer iOS protection. However, its anti-malware coverage for Windows, OS X and Android is solid and useful.

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