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Fast, cheap and easy: Five IT certifications that won't break you

Looking to get a certification to boost your IT career? Here's a shortlist of relatively easy-to-obtain and inexpensive certs that are valued by employers.

Are it certifications worth it?

Getting an IT certification that will advance your career doesn't have to break the bank. While the costs associated with acquiring some certifications are high, others that can carry weight with employers are much easier on your wallet -- and your time. No certification worth its salt is easy, but some are easier to complete than others.

With this in mind, Computerworld asked experts in the certification and training industry to name their top picks: those IT certifications that are relatively inexpensive and easy to obtain -- and that employers value.

The certifications that meet these criteria tend to be foundational. They may be best suited to those new to a discipline or to IT professionals who want to pick up skills in areas adjacent to their core expertise.

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Before you make a decision to pursue a certification for your own career needs, these tips can help you decide whether a prospective certification is a good fit. With that caveat, here's the shortlist.

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