Tip of the Hat: Data doomsday is coming

Companies are warned that the growing data glut is on the verge of causing a widespread corporate crisis; this time, the experts may be right

As corporate stockpiles of data continue to grow, mostly unmanaged, to massive levels, it becomes more likely that many major organizations will face a crisis very soon.

Tip of the hat

In fact, Gartner predicts that one-third of Fortune 100 companies will be hit with an information management crisis by 2017. Gartner says the crisis is likely because so many U.S. companies today can't "effectively value, govern and trust their enterprise information."

Computerworld offers a Tip of the Hat to Loraine Lawson for explaining in IT Business Edge that Gartner's prediction should come as no surprise, noting that corporate data has been growing rapidly for years, and that many companies have put off buying technologies and creating new processes to manage it.

Lawson's piece, The Coming Data Doomsday hearkens back to a year or so ago when the term "data tsunami" hit the Web and lists Gartner's "three easy (but incredibly complex) steps to fix 50 years of poor data management practices." She makes some incredibly good points.

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