Tip of the Hat: An iWatch won't affect Apple's long-term success

Macworld's Snell derides some Wall Street analysts who say Apple needs to unveil wearables -- soon -- to assure survival

Some Wall Street analysts are warning that Apple needs to unveil its post-iPhone and iPad products to assure it can survive and thrive in the years ahead.

Tip of the hat

Said one last month: "[Apple] will become a zombie, if they don't come up with an iWatch [in 60 days]."

Computerworld offers a Tip of the Hat to Macworld's Jason Snell for not only pointing out the questionable conclusions of these analysts, but also explaining why the financial community, and many users, really believe it's 'wearables or die' for Apple.

For one, Snell says in iWatch watch: Apple is not here to entertain you, people want new entertaining stuff -- new product categories that change how people live. And second, the financial community wants businesses to grow. If one is very profitable and growing relatively slowly, its stock will likely be punished.

Apple's success, Snell notes, will likely come mostly from its work in the smartphone business, which continues to show meteoric growth. The wearables business is unlikely to come close to the smartphone levels, and Apple is well aware of that no matter what Wall Street says.

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