Tip of the Hat: What would unlikely merger bring to Tesla, Apple

Though analysts are mostly dismissing reports that Apple may be interested in buying Tesla, here's a look at what such a combination could bring

Analysts say that there's little to no chance that Apple would buy Tesla, but a report in the San Francisco Chronicle that the two firms had talked about combining boosted the automaker's share price and prompted much speculation in the blogosphere.

Tip of the hat

Most of the reports talked of chances for such a deal, and on whether it would fit into the interests of the iconic founder of each company, Steve Jobs at Apple and Elon Musk at Tesla. There was also widespread speculation on how such a deal would affect investors -- and car buyers.

Computerworld offers a Tip of the Hat to Richard Read of The Christian Science Monitor for a look at what such an unlikely deal could mean for Apple's developers and users, and what it could bring to Tesla.

In his story, Tesla Apple rumors: What would each company gain from a buyout? Read acknowledges that the chances of a deal are just about nil, but for fun and "just for the sake of argument" tries to answer some key questions, like: "What if the two companies had talked? And what if they'd gone through with a deal? What would each of these red-hot firms have gained in the process?

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