By 2018, cars will be self-aware

Soon, your car could be talking to businesses  and letting them know where you are

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He pointed to Google's announcement Monday of an Open Automotive Alliance, aimed at bringing Android OS to the telematics systems of several vehicle manufacturers. Google announced plans to bring Android to cars by the end of this year.

Audi, General Motors (GM), Honda, Hyundai and chip maker Nvidia were all part of the launch of the Open Automotive Alliance.

"Having your own secure cloud of information connected to your vehicle, that's what Google's...announcement was all about," Koslowski said.

For example, the owner of a car would be able to connect his or her Android smartphone and any cloud services enabled through that. At the same time, if another family member wanted to borrow the car, they, too, could use Android by simply connecting their smartphone to the car's telematics system.

Tech companies such as Google are expected to have increasing influence in the mobile options vehicle makers can offer - and consumers want it that way.

According to a Gartner survey released today, 57% of vehicle owners said they want technology vendors to influence decisions about their car's mobile capabilities in the years ahead. Forty-three percent want automakers to be the main influencer of mobile tech.

The survey also revealed that 47% of respondents want to use mobile apps while driving. At the same time, 89% said they're concerned that access to in-vehicle mobile apps will be a driving distraction.

Jaguar, Land Rover add mobile apps to telematics

Peter Vrik, head of connected technologies and apps for Jaguar, said his company will now be offering iOS and Android mobile apps natively on its infotainment systems through a partnership with Bosch SoftTec and its mySPIN app integration software.

Jaguar's InControl Apps mobile application platform connects a car's telematics and infotainment system to a mobile phone or tablet through the use of a standard USB cord. Once connected, apps that have been enabled through Bosh SoftTec's in-vehicle integration software automatically show up for use on the infotainment system.

For example, iHeart Radio streaming music service, parking location assist Parkopedia and real-time traffic navigation system INRIX will all be available in upcoming vehicles, Vrik said. Vrik listed 11 apps that are currently available, but said that list will continue to expand.

"By 2010, we target to have 20 million smartphones connected via mySPIN," said Dietmar Meister, director smartphone and cloud solutions at Bosch

"Customers want the latest apps and updates in their car. They want to use the apps that are already there," Vrik said. "Users want to make sure the app has the DNA of the original app. Don't try to make them look different."

Bosch's mySPIN creates a mobile application platform for both Android and iOS in cars.

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