Here's what your UHD-TV will look like

Streaming media services, studios and TV networks are working to provide more 4K content

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UHD-TVs also get smart

Most major television vendors at CES also showcased smart TV technology, with manufacturers displaying both UHD-TVs and HDTVs that offer better integration with the Internet and Web 2.0 features. The TVs showed a wide variety of interactive media, Internet TV, as well as on-demand streaming media and home networking access.

Panasonic and Mozilla today announced a partnership to develop and promote the new Firefox OS, an open platform based on HTML5 and other Web technologies, for next-generation smart TVs.

The development of the new Firefox OS platform aims to deliver more expansive access into smart TVs by leveraging the HTML5 and Web technologies already prevalent on PCs, smartphones and tablets. The goal is to offer consumers more personalized Web browsing and broadcast content through the Internet.

Panasonic's next generation of smart TVs, which were on display at CES, will gain full compatibility with Web technologies and HTML5 standards used for cloud services and various future networked devices. By using Mozilla's Web APIs for hardware control and operation, next-generation smart TVs will also be capable of monitoring and operating devices inside and outside of the home, such as the emerging smart-home appliances.

Smart TV
Panasonic's UHD Smart TV comes with Web browsing and native media streaming capabilities.

Samsung's TVs are also becoming smarter, with a new Multi-Link feature that brings contextual multitasking to the big screen, as well as a newly designed Smart Hub that allows users to play video games from leading partners such as such as Electronic Arts (EA) and Gameloft.

Media groups begin pouring on the 4K content

In order to spur adoption of UHD-TVs, content providers -- streaming media services and movie studios -- have partnered with display vendors to bring more 4K content to viewers.

Cable provider Comcast, Amazon, and and pay-as-you-go digital movie and TV streaming service M-Go this week announced a partnership with Samsung Electronics to deliver 4K UHD content to 2014 Samsung UHD TVs.

Comcast said that later this year, its Xfinity TV customers with Samsung UHD TVs will be able to launch an Xfinity TV 4K app that will allow consumers to stream, via the Internet, a limited amount of 4K movies and TV shows On Demand.

Comcast said it is also working with NBC Universal to offer 4K UHD choices for the Xfinity TV 4K app.

Amazon's Instant Video service is partnering with Hollywood studios and TV companies, such as 20th Century Fox, Warner Bros., Lionsgate and the Discovery Channel to offer users premium 4K video.

At a Sony news conference this morning, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings announced that all new Netflix original programming will be shot and finished in 4K in anticipation of the expansion of UHD streaming content.

Netflix said it will kick off its 4K content by streaming House of Cards in the higher resolution.

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