Tip of the Hat: How to win the battle for top coders

Expert advice for IT hiring managers looking to hire the hard-to-find talented programmers sought by tech firms everywhere

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Though the employment picture remains bleak for many IT job seekers out there, the battle to hire talented software developers remains brutal.

Tip of the hat

Hiring experts say IT managers today must search long and hard for expert Web and mobile developers. Expertise in Java Ruby and Python tools are especially valuable -- and relatively rare, experts say.

The number of openings for top developers far exceeds the supply, forcing IT executives to seek out ways to stand out, especially when competing with developer havens like Google, Microsoft and Facebook.

Computerworld gives a Tip of the Hat to Infoworld's Dan Tynan for offering 7 simple rules for hiring great developers. The list, and the accompanying advice from some of the industry's top hiring managers, could separate any company from the pack.

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