Surface 2 Pro owners: Where's our @#$%&! firmware update?

Some with a gimpy tablet have received a firmware fix, but others who have not are wondering what's up

After a month-long wait, some owners of Microsoft's Surface Pro 2 tablet this weekend said that they received a fix for a faulty firmware update that exhausted their batteries, and sent their devices into and out of sleep mode unexpectedly.

But others who claimed their tablets exhibited the same symptoms have seen neither hide nor hair of the update.

"I got a new firmware update late last night (Saturday). So far, it seems to be working," wrote Vondyer on a Microsoft support forum early Sunday.

Corroboration came from scattered reports on another long-winded discussion thread.

"So far, my 128GB Surface [Pro 2] is now back to normal," said BCVHOG. "It sleeps properly, does not wake up on its own, and goes into hibernate as it should. I think, at least on the issues I had, the problems are resolved."

Microsoft confirmed that it had issued the update. "This weekend we released an update that addresses the unexpected wake and battery drain behavior experienced by a small number of Surface Pro 2 customers who installed the December Windows Update," a spokeswoman said in an email Sunday. "This should have no impact on customers who had not received the December update."

The repeat update was required because when Microsoft released the original on Dec. 10, Surface Pro 2 owners immediately began complaining that their tablets were consuming battery power much faster than before, refusing to charge completely or declining to show charging progress, exhibiting odd behavior related to sleep mode, and even rebooting with no warning or apparent cause.

Within days Microsoft pulled the December update from circulation. Earlier this month, customers commenting on Microsoft's support form said that they had been told by company technicians that the fix would appear Tuesday, Jan. 14, also known as "Patch Tuesday," the monthly roll-out of security patches and other fixes.

That day came and went without any sign of a revised firmware update.

But while some said they had received the update over the weekend, others reported that even with repeated polls of Windows Update, they had not. And those people were hot, with one saying Microsoft had showed an "insulting lack of concern for Surface purchasers."

Several blasted Microsoft for not spelling out exactly which devices should receive the update and when. Some who had actually run the Dec. 10 update but seen it fail, for instance, asked whether their tablets would get the update.

The most vocal were those who had successfully installed the faulty December firmware update -- and suffered weeks with hamstrung hardware -- but have not been served the repaired update. They had questions, and nowhere to find answers, as Microsoft has neither published a blog or generated a support document to describe the issue and inform affected users.

"Parsing these Microsoft statements calls upon the skills used in Talmudic analysis and Kremlinology," observed Mickey Segal, referring to the company's claim that an update had been released.

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