Review: Dueling hybrid cloud wizards

CloudVelocity and Ravello Systems march clones of in-house servers into the cloud for development, testing, and disaster recovery

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  • Discovery and cloning tool makes it easy to gather up multiple machines and migrate them to Amazon
  • Synchronization tool allows you to continuously update copies stored in Amazon EBS with any changes made to their on-premise counterparts
  • Automatically creates the Amazon VPC and security groups for your application
  • Allows you to throttle sync bandwidth between data center and cloud
  • Nested hypervisor allows you to run exact replicas of your VMware or KVM virtual machines in the cloud
  • Allows you to take snapshots of entire, multi-tier applications running in the cloud, save those snapshots as blueprints, and return the VMs to your data center
  • Integrates with source control and continuous integration servers
  • Supports Linux, Windows, and multiple clouds
  • Currently works only with the Amazon cloud (Azure support is in the works)
  • Windows support is limited to cloning
  • No data center to cloud synchronization capabilities
  • Nested hypervisor and overlay network introduce an additional layer of abstraction and overhead

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