Computerworld's holiday gift guide 2013: Tablets and accessories

Part 4 of our annual gift guide showcases the best Android, iOS and Windows tablets, plus some choice tablet stands, cases and other add-ons.

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Kribbitt universal tablet stand

There are a lot of tablet holders on the market today -- but there may not be one quite like the Kribbitt. This colorful stand -- it's available in black, silver, green, blue or pink -- looks more like a piece of abstract art than a tech accessory, but it can hold any size tablet, horizontally or vertically, at almost any angle.

Kribbitt tablet stand

Kribbitt from Kribbitt Innovation

Direct price: $40  |  Retail price: $40

One of the most attractive things about the Kribbitt, though, isn't its appearance -- it's the way you can use it on a variety of surfaces. It works quite well on a desktop or other flat surface (even something soft, like a bed); but you can also hang it on the back of a car seat (so the kids have something to occupy themselves with) or even bend it around your leg (although when I tried this last trick, I found it not quite as steady as I would have liked). It also provides a convenient way to hold the tablet in one hand.

And unlike with some other holders, it's very easy to remove and replace the tablet from the Kribbitt -- just pull up the top elastic support.

One piece of advice for your gift recipient: It's worth the time it takes to read the operation instructions before using -- otherwise, the series of loops and bungee cords that make up the Kribbitt can be somewhat confusing. Once it's adjusted satisfactorily, though, the Kribbitt will serve any tablet user well.

-- Barbara Krasnoff

Kangaroom Bamboo iPad Cooking Stand

Whether they use cookbook apps or just clip recipes to Evernote, your foodie friends have probably discovered what a handy cookbook their tablet makes.

Kangaroom iPad Cooking Stand

Kangaroom Bamboo iPad Cooking Stand from Great Useful Stuff

Direct price: $30  |  Retail price: $30

That is, until they try to use it while cooking, when they need to scroll up and down through a recipe without getting food on the screen.

That's where the Kangaroom iPad Cooking Stand comes in. Crafted in sustainably grown bamboo, it holds any tablet (not just iPads) upright and comes with a clear plastic shield that keeps the screen clean while still letting the chef swipe and tap.

You can expect a good meal in thanks for this one.

-- Jake Widman

Iogear GearPower Ultra Capacity Mobile Power Station

Anybody with a mobile device runs out of battery power (or close to it) at some point. Give the tablet users you care about the GearPower Power Station, also called the GMP10K, to make sure they're never left powerless even when they're far from an outlet.

Iogear GearPower Ultra Capacity Mobile Power Station

GearPower Ultra Capacity Mobile Power Station from Iogear

Direct price: $80  |  Retail price: $35 - $65

While there are a growing number of portable chargers on the market, many of them aren't powerful enough to effectively charge tablets.

The GMP10K, however, comes with an impressive 11,000mAh battery and two USB ports, one supplying 5V at 1A and one 5V at 2.1A -- enough juice, the company says, to charge both a tablet and a smartphone at the same time. This is truly the kind of gift that keeps on giving.

-- Jake Widman

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