The joy of glogging

Why blogging with Google Glass is the next big thing in social media

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Glogging invites sharing of experiences that would normally go unshared, vastly expanding the range of experiences that can be blogged.

Glogging changes where you can blog from

With blogging, you have to stop doing before you start blogging. But with glogging, you can do things and blog about it at the same time, even when those activities require both hands.

Danny Sullivan, the editor-in-chief of Search Engine Land, enjoys glogging outdoor activities that require both hands.

People commonly video-record performances. But glogging enables performers to record from their perspective, too.

Glogging lets you communicate with your hands

Face-to-face communication isn't just verbal. It also involves hand gestures, which are part of your communication. Glogging will often capture your hand gestures during conversations recorded with glass. You can also deliberately use your hands in both photos and videos to point things out or signal your approval or disapproval, as TV reporter Sarah Hill likes to do.

Hand gestures can make photo and video blogging more human, natural and interesting.

Google Glass invites glogging

To a certain extent, to use Glass is to glog. Just about everyone lucky enough to be part of the program spontaneously starts posting their experiences, even if they weren't big bloggers before. Glass-captured posts are auto-hashtagged with #throughglass, so it's easy to see all these posts on Google+.

And don't forget lifeglogging

Blogging is by definition communication, publishing and shared. Lifelogging is the capturing of events from your life for your own memory whether you share it or not.

Google Glass naturally creates not only blog posts, but also personal lifelogging posts visible only to you. Lifelogging has traditionally been a lot of hard work. But lifelogging with Glass is so easy you almost have to work not do to it.

When others look at my Google+ stream, they see my deliberate public blog posts. But when I look at it, there are twice as many personal posts as public ones, documenting my personal and private life for posterity and photographic memory.

Google Glass is expected to ship sometime next year or the year after that. When it does arrive, I predict it will transform blogging, photo blogging and video blogging.

In fact, glogging is a brand-new medium of communication that we're just now starting to understand, explore and develop.

You can follow my own glogging adventures on my Google+ page.

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