The joy of glogging

Why blogging with Google Glass is the next big thing in social media

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The same is true of glogging. The glogger's hands are sometimes visible at the bottom of the screen, and eye contact can be shared with an audience. Video glogging is the first-person-shooter perspective for vlogging.

As with video games, this change creates a more immersive psychological experience for the viewer,.

Singer-songwriter and newly minted glogger Daria Musk coined the phrase "scalable intimacy" to describe Google+. But it's also perfect for glogging itself, even if you do it with Glass but post on other social networks. It feels intimate -- the moments captured may actually be intimate -- yet these intimate moments can be shared with thousands or millions.

Here's an example of the profound intimacy possible with glogging from developer, entrepreneur and blogger Gina Trapani's Google+ stream. The difference is subtle, but powerful. Babies don't look at cameras like this. This is how they look at their mothers. This private moment was experienced by more than 43,000 people so far.

Another glogger named Breon Nagy captured his marriage proposal to his girlfriend. (She said yes!)

Most people don't want to share such intimate moments with the public. But for those who do, glogging makes it possible.

Glogging is instant

Live TV tends to be less polished, less produced than recorded TV, but it's more compelling because it's happening right now.

Similarly, glogging can be more compelling than blogging or vlogging because it, too, can be live.

Google Glass lets you launch an instant, live Google+ hangout (group video chat) using a simple voice command. Doing this not only makes vlogging live, rather than just recorded, but it points the camera at what you're seeing rather than at you seeing it.

Internet broadcaster Leo Laporte demonstrated live glogging during a recording of one of his shows, called This Week In Google.

For example, if an earthquake struck right now or if I witnessed some other breaking-news style event, I could either be broadcasting it in a hangout within a few seconds, or I could start recording or shooting pictures instantly, and post them in a few seconds.

At the personal level, if a baby is about to take his first steps, a parent could instantly share that event live with the whole, extended family in real time (and still have arms free to help the baby).

Glogging changes how you think about blogging

Tech journalists go to product announcements and blog about what they saw. Glogging lets viewers be there and see new products through the eyes of the blogger. Here's tech journalist Andy Ihnatko discovering the Nokia Lumia 1020 camera phone. The glogging format gives you a deeper experience for unboxing, exploration and how-to videos because you're not performing for the camera like a TV news reporter. You just roll video and your own experience is shared.

More to the point, Andy is a print journalist who might not have recorded video of his demo at all if not for Glass.

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