DBX 2013: Photos from Dropbox's first-ever developer conference

Attendees kept busy in some pretty unique ways at the storage company's inaugural developers show

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For a cloud storage provider, Dropbox puts on quite a show. On Tuesday it held its inaugural developer conference in San Francisco, and there was plenty of colorful activity to see.

The event drew upwards of 800 developers and entrepreneurs and was held at Fort Mason, a massive warehouse-like space that was formerly a U.S. Army post and coastal defense site.

"It was very important for us where it was," said Dan Levine, who works on the Dropbox platform. "Fort Mason represents the company's San Francisco roots."

A menagerie of sofas, plush bean bags and coffee tables for lounging were spread out on the show room floor, to help create a sense of community. But there were also activities and games to bring the coders together.

The conference's biggest news was the introduction of a suite of new developer tools to improve syncing on Dropbox. Meanwhile, here's some of the more visual things that caught our eye.

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