Macworld predictions for next week (and Sydney snafu)

Happy new year. And one more IT Blogwatch, in which the Macworld rumors really start to fly. Not to mention how not to book an airline ticket...

Apple's website gushes: "The first 30 years were just the beginning. Welcome to 2007."

Thomas Fitzgerald is on the ball:

As if the pre Macworld hype wasn’t already at fever pitch, Apple have joined the fray by posting a large teaser on their website. Of course the downside to this level of hype is always living up to it, but either way, this could get interesting!

Looprumors' Drawbob drools:

As promised ... a round-up of all the rumors we expect to become a reality at this year's Macworld Expo. Please take into consideration that the following article is purely speculation, and nothing is concrete until Steve Jobs says it is. This is our best hypothesis as to what we might expect at Macworld


iTV ... stream movies, pictures and more from your Mac or PC to your television wirelessly. We expect to see the 'hidden features' of iTV spelled out, and a release date announced, if not immediate availability at the keynote. Apple has said it will not use the name iTV for the product


Leopard ... Apple's next generation operating system ... We initially thought Steve might surprise the crowd with an early release of the new OS at Macworld, but that seems to be more unlikely as the time draws near. New information targets a release date of Saturday, March 24th


Mobile OS X ... Apple is developing a mobile, 'lite' version of its OS to be used in smaller devices. It's possible this OS may make its debut at Macworld. Some of Leopard's hidden features may have tie-ins to this mobile OS


Touch-Screen video iPod? ... These new iPods will be smarter, and offer users more functionality than current iPods with better user control. We hope that either an iPhone or smarter video iPod is in the cards for Macworld, but don't be disappointed if you don't see either

David Chartier and others from TUAW:

Macworld will soon be upon us ... it is only fitting that we dust off TUAW's crystal ball to envision what we think will be unveiled both on and off stage.


Google integration (iTV + YouTube) ... iLife and iWork 07 are a sure thing ... HD content on iTunes ... A gold nano - for Steve, as he announces retiring in 2008 ... The Mac mini will get a Core 2 Duo upgrade ... Leopard released earlier than expected ... Minimum of three additional studios for iTunes movie store ... iDogCow - because every good prediction should have an absolutely wrong item in it. Viva Clarus. Moof!

Steve Fisher offers the VC perspective:

Macworld and the reactivation of the reality distortion field (RDF) will be in full effect in a few days. Last year for Apple was the “Year of Intel”. I believe that this the “Year of The Living Room”


iTV - Details at Macworld. Available in March. I think this sucker is gonna be the new Mac Mini and have hard drive capability. It can’t just be a video Airport. Why don’t these guys just buy Tivo and Netflix to make the holy trinity of video entertainment


Leopard - Lots of features I am not even able to imagine. However, it will have more virtualization capability like Parallels. Macs have the potential to be the tri-wizard, I mean tri-OS, hardware of choice. Imagine, Mac OS X at the center with Windows apps and Linux Ubuntu running select apps. This means limitless power. It might be at this point that we can reveal ourselves to the Jedi.

Scott D. Feldstein is in suspense:

Apple is so messing with me - and I hate how well it works! ... They clearly are planning some big announcements at the Macworld keynote speech on the 9th. But what will they be? A phone? Almost certainly ... The suspense is killing me.

Ryan Block asks, "Why do people want the Applephone so much?":

Why all the fuss? ...
  1. Cellphones today suck. Especially smartphones. It’s 2006 and a good phone — and I mean an honestly really good phone — still hasn’t been made. A new competitor — any new competitor, be it ALP or Linux or the Applephone — is highly anticipated.
  2. People are already sick of Windows Mobile dominating the landscape. I’ve been a long time Windows Mobile user, but let’s face it, it’s pretty much the only smartphone game in town in the US. You can go Symbian, but the devices just aren’t there through carrier purchases. Palm is obviously a joke, and Linux / JUIX is nowhere to be found.
  3. Cellphones haven’t gotten music integration right. Sure, there are enough phones with media buttons and microSD slots to go around, but that doesn’t mean they work well.
  4. Using your phone and your Mac is often a painful and tedious experience. In fact, the same goes for using your phone and most any computer.
  5. People are curious to see how radically the cellphone can be re-envisioned, and the expect Apple to lead that charge.
Now let’s square that off against the realities about the Applephone that people probably don’t want to face ... The battery life will probably be pretty awful ... The phone will be buggy ... It won’t be what people want ... It probably won’t have 3G ... it won’t work with Windows out of the box ... It won’t be revolutionary.

DJ Blurb spins this bangin' choon:

If you listen very closely, you’ll hear the sound of a few million or so nerds either exploding or acting like eleven year-olds. I don’t think this year’s Macworld can possibly live up to the hype, but it will be fun to watch the flying innuendo over the next week.

Ryan Stephenson sighs:

I fear it’s going to be an expensive year.

Buffer overflow:

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