Shark Tank: Malfunctioning parts

Something's wrong with this optical mouse -- or is it the PC? "The cursor would be OK for a moment or two, then it would leap to an unpredictable extreme of the screen," says pilot fish, who tries swapping in an identical replacement. Same problem. "In frustration, I pushed the mouse away from me and onto the desktop. And then it behaved. I looked at the mouse mat. It was a nice, pale-gray color with delicate changes in hue and a logo in the center. Who would have thought that, in an entire PC, it would be the mouse mat that was malfunctioning?"

Hello, Dali

Trouble ticket reads, "My keyboard has melted." And so it has. "It resembled some of Dali's more off-the-wall works," fish reports. "The numeric keypad had clumped together, and the Enter key had started to blend into the Shift key." What happened? After spilling water on it, the user decided to dry it herself -- on an electric heater. "Then she started to explain to the user across the way what she was doing," says fish, "which led to a conversation about PC problems, and she lost track of the time."


Regional admin at this insurance company calls pilot fish to complain that she has lost access to the adjuster management system. "She says she was able to access the system yesterday but can't log in today," fish says. "I go through the logs and determine that her ID has been deactivated -- by her. When I ask her about it, she says that since she is an admin and not a real adjuster, she decided to deactivate her ID so that only adjusters are active in the system."

That's Not It

Pilot fish installs a new monitor for a user -- and then promptly gets a request for a replacement monitor. The user's complaint: "After you installed the new monitor, I booted up this morning and started getting the message that my mailbox is full. Please install a monitor that does not give me this message. I need to be able to get new mail."

The Reason Why

"My Treo is not functioning. Please provide assistance when possible," user e-mails help desk pilot fish. "I dropped it in a puddle," user admits. "I know you shouldn't get them wet, but I'm not sure why it no longer is working." Fish can guess, though: The unit is so waterlogged he can see water behind the LCD screen. "I wanted to say, 'Well, duh!' but didn't," says fish. "I just offered to replace his unit with a spare I had in stock. Sometimes it's best to keep the comments to yourself."

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