Cobol not so procedural after all

In this week's story, Cobol: Not Dead Yet, I wrote that  Cobol is "...a procedural language in an object-oriented world." The folks at MIcro Focus point out that, technically,  this is no longer the case. 

While Cobol has procedural roots, a spokesperson says that it first developed an object oriented version of Cobol 1997. Object oriented Cobol went on to become an ISO standard in 2002, according to the company.

"Not all versions are object oriented but it is becoming more common and Micro Focus supports object oriented Cobol outside of .NET for Windows, UNIX and Linux, " the spokesperson says. "It is true that greatest usage of object oriented Cobol is when you integrate with new technologies," he says. But the company goes on to say that the use of object oriented Cobol with .Net is on the upswing.


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