Shark Tank: Unclear on the Concept

End users don't want to show up for a testing session to kick the tires of a new release of the company's enterprise application, reports a pilot fish on the scene. Chief operating officer sends out an e-mail asking all the no-shows why they weren't there. Response from one end user: "I didn't want to come because last time I tested the software, there were too many errors!"


IT manager pilot fish is called to a user's office because a real-time data feed isn't updating. The user is out of town, but others use his screen to follow operating trends. Why is the network cable unplugged? fish asks. Manager across the hall explains that he unplugged the "e-mail cable" so a visitor could read his mail - and didn't plug it back in because the visitor might be back tomorrow. "I said the 'e-mail cable' is actually the network cable," says fish, "and it would be a good idea to keep it plugged in all the time."


User stops support pilot fish in the hall and says, "My laptop won't connect to the Internet at home anymore." Fish: Did we configure the laptop for wireless? User: "I don't know." Who is your ISP? "I don't know." Did you set up your own wireless system at home? "I don't know." Hmm, thinks fish, then asks, "Did someone close by move recently?" User: "Yes, my upstairs neighbor." Fish: "I think it's time to move."


Attorney calls support pilot fish to his office to "adjust my keyboard." Lawyer is on the phone when fish arrives, so fish hits a few keys, but the keyboard seems fine. "He hung up and said the keyboard needed to be squared with the edge of his desk," fish reports. " 'Excuse me?' I asked. 'Can't you move your own keyboard?' He explained in a loud voice peppered with expletives that he billed at $500 an hour and he didn't have time to move a keyboard! I moved the keyboard."


This company is shifting to using e-mail addresses for user log-in names. The new format is, says a support pilot fish. But so there won't be any confusion, the memo about the change includes an example: Then fish gets a user's question: "Hi, if my e-mail is, what about those of us who share a first name with several people (Jennifer, Steve, Kim, etc.)?"

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