Intel inside? I don't buy it.

Doesn't this come up about once every year or so? Rumors begin to swirl that Apple is going to jump to Intel chips because it's fed cup/angry/annoyed at the slow pace of development by Motorola/IBM of the G4/G5/G-whatever processors it uses. Experts weigh in saying the idea is intriguing, but it would mean porting Mac OS X (and all the apps that run on it) to a new architecture, so it'll never happen. Mac fans gnash their teeth in horror, or chortle at the prospect of a whole new hardware world for Mac OS X. Well, here we are again. Yesterday, the Wall Street Journal reported that Apple and Intel are in talks. Experts weighed in, fans gnashed teeth and nothing changed. I suppose it's possible that as soon as I hit the "submit" button on this post that Apple CEO Steve Jobs will surprise everyone with the New Power Mac Pentium Edition. But I doubt it.


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