BOOM! Apple's new iPhone Video/3G/3.0/3GS/2009; Steve Jobs pre-WWDC

Speculation is at fever-pitch in the run-up to the Apple 2009 WWDC: what will the new iPhone Video / 3G / 3.0 / 3GS look like, and how much will it cost? And will we get a boom-one-more-thing update from Steve Jobs? In IT Blogwatch, Richi Jennings watches the fanbois drool in this pre-view of today's Worldwide Developers Conference.

Not to mention Conan O'Brien's "derivative" set...

Seth Weintraub kicks off:

Boom! New Apple iPhone Video / 3G / 3.0 / 3GS / 2009 and Steve Jobs pre-WWDC?
Apple's WWDC 2009 is almost upon us and, by the hype, you'd think the one and only thing we'll see at the event is a new iPhone. ... [Rumored:] a magnetometer (compass), better camera (3.2 megapixel with auto-focus) and some minor aesthetic changes (black matte back and black rim). ... A forward facing camera for video chatting. ... Will range in size from 4 to 32GB and start out at $99-149 with plan. It may even be called the "iPhone Video" or "iPhone 3GS" and have FM broadcast/receive capabilities.


I'll be liveblogging the event tomorrow with instant analysis on whatever new and exciting products get revealed. Stop by..

John Gruber will take no bets:

I expect Apple to announce updated iPhones with significantly faster processors, twice the RAM, and twice the storage. I expected prices to remain the same as the current lineup: $199/299 for 16/32 GB, respectively. The video camera is going to be a major selling point. ... New hardware’s code name: iPhone 3GS. ... battery life: 15-20 percent longer.


There are pervasive rumors that Apple is also set to announce lower price points for the iPhone ... The new iPhone 3GS models will not replace the 3G, but rather assume the flagship position while the year-old 3G slides down to the second spot in the product lineup ... [at] $99.

But MG Siegler doesn't buy it:

I hope ... iPhone 3GS ... is a code name, because it’s kind of lame. ... A rather boring naming convention. I would much rather see Apple go with some other names that have been tossed around like “iPhone Video” or the “iPhone Pro.” The latter makes some sense ... [if] there will be ... the current iPhone 3G reduced in price.


Eventually, such a model would undoubtedly be phased out in favor of a new, smaller model just as Apple has done with its iPod line. And that’s why I still have some hope that Apple will simply call its new iPhone the “iPhone,” while it gets ready to transition to an “iPhone nano” or whatever they’ll call that when it comes out eventually (not tomorrow).

Chris Davies has been brushing up on his Italian:

3GS will be just one of a range of multiple Apple smartphones: as many as twelve, according to carrier information leaked to Spazio Cellulare. ... Listed as the “iPhone Video” and the “iPhone Video iChat”, the former available in white and black and with either 16GB, 32GB or 64GB of storage and the latter in 32GB or 64GB and a range of colors.

They include white, black, orange, blue, “green w/flowers”, “yellow w/fluffy bunnies” and “Product Red”.

Gary Ng has his own predictions:

Phil Schiller will announce the next generation iPhone Video (or whatever it will be called–but a focus will be on video recording). Since this is going to be a next generation iPhone, a faster CPU/RAM, better battery life, and some sort of sexy design will be announced. You know what would be incredible? If Apple utilized the battery technology they are using in their 17? MacBook Pros in the iPhone!

During the keynote, iPhone OS 3.0’s release date will be officially announced. I’m guessing Apple will say it’s available immediately or will make us wait another week.

Going to WWDC? Brent Simmons has tips:

Drink plenty of water! ... the food at Moscone is awful. Don’t even bother ... I often eat lunch at the Buckhorn grill in the Metreon. It’s right across the street. I also like the Mexican place there.


The staff [at Moscone] will treat you like you’re a weird type of cow. Don’t take it personally. ... See Brandon “Quazie” Kwaselow’s party list. You can’t get to every party, and there are always impromptu and smaller things. Play by ear. Twitter is great for coordination and for finding out what’s going on.

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