That's ergonomics!

User calls this pilot fish to ask if IT has the external CD writer that belongs to the marketing department.

Sure enough, IT does. "We probably picked it up after the departure of one of the marketing staff," fish says. "I found it and brought it to this person."

"Hey," user asks fish as he arrives to install the CD writer, "does everyone else have a CD drive?"

Fish: "Yes." Pause. "Your computer is upside down."

User: "Yes, the ergonomics team did that. Can you get me a drive?"

Fish: "Your computer is upside down."

User: "Yes, but there's just this little plastic tray." He pushes the button on the upside-down CD drive and the CD drawer slides out. "It's so thin."

Fish: "Um. Your computer is upside down. The light that reads it is in here." He points. "Upside down."

User: "The ergonomics team did that. Would it work if it were right side up?"

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