Now THAT'S a trade!

It's the 1990s, and this pilot fish gets a job supporting networks and fixing PCs for a manufacturing company.

The only problem: There's no place for fish to work.

"The 'data center' consisted of a corner of their telephone room, which also held a large UPS system and cooling equipment and was way too noisy," fish says.

"However, there was an empty office on the other side of the data center, and after some horse trading involving a laptop, I managed to talk the plant supervisor into having a doorway cut into the adjoining wall.

"Now I had my work area, but I didn't have a proper desk."

Fish contacts the plant supervisor, who sends up a guy who's building some custom cabinets in another part of the facility. The very friendly cabinet maker tells fish he has some "heavy duty" wood left over from the job he'd been hired to do, and he'd build fish a really nice work bench if fish will repair his home PC.

Fair enough, says fish.

There's a three-day weekend coming up, so cabinet maker brings his PC in on Friday, and fish fixes it over the long weekend. On Tuesday morning, fish is carrying the PC into his new office when he sees his new desk.

And what a desk! It's beautifully crafted, with a monitor stand on top that will hold four monitors.

And as fish quickly discovers, it's built from solid wood that measures an inch thick -- all except for the top, which is a two-inch-thick slab of wood.

"The thing had to weigh at least 500 lbs.," fish says. "He didn't use a nail anywhere, but instead used wood screws that he sunk in and then covered with wood putty, which was then sanded and stained to match the wood.

"The entire desk was finished in a beautiful stain to match the room -- which was good, because after 14 years, it is still in the same place.

"No one has figured out how to move this lovely beast without tearing out a wall!"

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