Gee, thanks

This network engineer pilot fish works at a regional government office where the domain controller is locked down by the folks at the capitol.

"Our domain controller has been flaky the last few days, so I called the help desk to let them know the server was down again and my users couldn't log onto the network," fish says.

But the glum tech on the other end tells fish she can't put in a trouble ticket because "we're down."

Is it the same problem we're having? fish wonders. He tries to probe for details. But the tech's only response is, "I can't tell you that, sir; we are down."

So fish goes back to basics. Is your computer up? he asks tech. Do you have an IP? Can you ping your gateway? Can you resolve DNS?

"It was amazing how difficult simple troubleshooting steps were for the person my users call when I'm not here to help," says fish. "In the end, she didn't want to look into the issue, since someone else was working on it.

"And once she had access to her systems, she opened a ticket and assigned it to one of my co-workers in another region that has no control over the server either.

"At least they didn't assign it to me, like they normally do when I call in with problems I don't have authority to fix."

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