Put business cards, receipts into Evernote... by mail!

Every once in a while, a new service comes out that could be useful to just about anyone with a job and a life, but proves indispensable for digital nomad types. Services like Earth Class Mail or reQall come to mind. Now there's a new one. A partnership announced today between Evernote and a company called Shoeboxed enables you to just stuff all your receipts and business cards into a postage paid envelope, and they show up on Evernote.

How cool is that?

If you're not familiar with Evernote, it's a service that lets you drop all your notes, pictures, files and other stuff into Evernote's desktop, cell phone or online applications (everything is synchronized together, so you upload or enter on one and it shows up on all). One of the many magical things that Evernote does is to find words in your pictures, which it indexes for search. So, for example, you can scan or take a picture of something, then upload that image file into Evernote. Whatever words appear in the photo will be searchable. I use the Evernote iPhone application to take pictures of everything from restaurant menus to street signs to documents for total recall later on.

Shoeboxed scans documents, including business cards and receipts, and makes them available online. Best of all, it will enter your reciept data into Quickbooks, Excel, PDF, Quicken or other services, and enter your business card contact information into Outlook, Salesforce, LinkedIn, Gmail and other destinations.

Today's announcement unveiled a new option to have them join the rest of your stuff on Evernote.

This is great for everybody, but for digital nomads, it's super great. It means that you can constantly digitize important documents without an effort, and without traveling with a scanner.

Because these documents are added to Evernote, you can use that service as your one-stop shopping for total recall of all your notes, documents, pictures and other information.

Years later, if you need to recall anything, it's all in one place and searchable.

If you'd like to try Shoeboxed with Evernote, the companies are offering a free, one-month trial that includes 30 days and 50 receipts or business cards, whichever comes first.

If you choose to sign up, the Shoeboxed service costs $9.95 for "Lite" service, $19.95 for "Classic" and $49.95 per month for "Business." Check out the company's pricing page for details on what you get under each plan.

Check out the video below for more information on this.

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