Now STOP that!

IT pilot fish and two other techs are in the hallway discussing a server problem when the IT director steps out of his office -- and he's furious.

"All three of you!" he barks. "Go to Mrs. X's office and fix her e-mail problem. Do not leave until it's done. I am sick and tired of her calling me every 10 minutes!"

All three techs groan. They know Mrs. X -- she's the user who calls the help desk 10 times a day, every time she gets a strange pop-up or spam e-mail.

But they march to Mrs. X's office, where she promptly begins babbling about the e-mail problem she thinks she has.

Then fish has an idea. He grabs his cell phone from his hip holster, flips it open and says loudly, "IT support, may I help you?

"Oh no! Your server crashed? I'll be there right away!" He turns to the user: "Sorry, Mrs. X, I have to go, but these two guys will be glad to help you."

The other two techs are giving fish dirty looks as he hurries out of the office.

A few weeks later, the three are sitting in the conference room, waiting for a meeting to start, when one of them brings up the phantom phone call incident. He tells fish, "You bailing out on us the other week in Mrs. X's office was hilarious, but I could have killed you for it."

"Yeah, that was pretty funny," says fish as he stands up to get something from a file cabinet -- just as Mrs. X walks into the conference room.

"Oh, hi, guys!" she chirps. "Before your meeting started, I was wondering if I could ask you a question about my son's wireless network."

Reports fish, "I grabbed my phone, said "IT support, may I help you?" and walked straight out of the conference room without slowing down.

"I turned back at the last moment and saw all my friends sitting around the conference table trying not to laugh."

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