Nokia N810 Tablet, now $220 with Google Android

Although that little Android Netbook I pointed out to you last week will be the first netbook-type device to have Android running on it, you can get a better device, cheaper right now. For $220 (on sale at Amazon) you can get the Nokia N810. With a little effort, you can run Android on it.


The Nokia 810 Portable Internet Tablet is a much nicer option than the SkyTone Alpha 680 for a number of reasons. The Nokia device is made by a trusted manufacturer and has been out for over a year. Its predecessor, the N800 is also capable of running Android but doesn't have a lot of the features that the N810 has. For a breakdown, check Wikipedia.

While it comes running Maemo (a modified Debian distro), you can install Google Android on it and it runs really well.

While the instructions aren't for the faint of heart, they do work.


Actually, according to posters, Android runs really well. The touch screen and the GPS all are functioning properly with a few patches.

The Nokia N810 has a solid 400 MHz TI OMAP 2420 ARM processor at its core. It also has many of the features that the Alpha 680 lacks.

Some highlights:

- Sunlight readable transreflective display 800x400 pixel screen with up to 65K colors

- 802.11b/g Wifi, Stereo Bluetooth A2DP, GPS

- Integrated front facing VGA web camera, backlit keyboard

- 256 MB & 2GB integrated internal storage + 8GB expansion via MiniSD cards

- Battery life: Up to 4 hours of continuous usage with wireless LAN on; up to 10 hours of music playback

- Can act as a Mobile Phone with a Cradlepoint/Skype combination

- With its native Maemo OS, it runs Flash, something Android and iPhone cannot.

If you want to get acquainted with the Google Android OS without having to plop down $500 for a G1 or paying for a T-Mobile plan, and at the same time have a solid device that delivers great functionality, give the Nokia N810 a shot.

There is even a discontinued WiMAX version floating around. 


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