Too much information

Pilot fish passes along a message sent by his department's help desk to every employee at his location:

At 10:35 a.m., we had a power spike in the server room that caused most of the network equipment to go down. This affected network access to servers, Internet, e-mail, mainframe, voice-over-IP phones and most other network resources. This was an unexpected result of bringing up new network equipment for the network re-architect. This caused our UPS to go into error state and send a power spike. Some of the equipment could not handle this spike. We've temporarily migrated the power off of the failed devices and will schedule a time to migrate the power again after business hours. We will also be working with our UPS vendor to look at the UPS to verify why this happened and prevent it from happening again.

What's wrong with all that? Sighs fish, "Ninety-eight percent of these employees would have not one clue as to what was said in this message."

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