Low tech hack reveals Facebook / ConnectU settlement details

Some of you probably know that there has been a court battle going on for some time between Facebook and ConnectU.  They reached a settlement for it back in Feb of 2008, but according to Wikipedia, ConnectU "attempted unsuccessfully to rescind the settlement, claiming that Facebook had understated its valuation in connection with its settlement negotiations."

So without getting into more details of the case, Facebook basically did not want the details of what they have determined internally as their value to get out through the court records, so they redacted the relevant wording from the court transcript documents when they released them.  But read this from the San Francisco Chronicle:

Large portions of that hearing are redacted in a transcript of the June hearing, but The Associated Press was able to read the blacked-out portions by copying from an electronic version of the document and pasting the results into another document.

Oops.  And from TechCrunch:

If you’d like to see the full text for yourself, you can find the PDF of the relevant document here. It appears that the issue is tied to the PDF, as the ‘copy/paste’ trick works with this document.

I tried it.  Yep, it works.  Fail...

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