Not in their vocabulary

It's the 1990s, and this pilot fish works in the admiral's command building on this naval base.

"We were asked to build a Macintosh network with AppleTalk protocol across two bases," says fish. "One of the jobs we had to do was string cable between offices inside the admiral's building."

Fish and his cohorts string several hundred feet of cable under the watchful eye of a captain who oversees everything that happens inside the building.

And though they have to navigate their way through what fish suspects are faulty materials and shoddy construction, in the end the network is running and fish has saved the Navy quite a bit of money on contract work.

And the response from the higher-ups?

"The only comment we got back from the mucky-mucks was that we didn't vacuum the floor after we were done," sighs fish. "Never mind the money we saved and the effort we went to. Sheez!"

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