Why we love Personnel

This pilot fish has been working full time at a supermarket chain during and right after college.

"Having decided that I probably should use that degree I had earned, I applied for a support position in a large insurance company and had two positive interviews with my potential department," says fish.

"One Friday afternoon at the supermarket, the personnel department at the insurance company called and asked me if I could start Monday."

Fish explains that he has given his word to the supermarket that he will give two weeks' notice when he leaves.

But the person from Personnel is adamant: If fish can't start Monday, the offer is withdrawn.

Sorry, says fish.

Two weeks go by, it's Friday afternoon again, and fish gets another call from the insurance company's personnel department. Same offer: Monday or else.

"I kind of liked the supermarket job anyway," fish says.

"Fast-forward another two weeks. Personnel called again. This time they asked if I could give two weeks' notice and start two weeks from Monday. We agreed and two weeks later I went to work.

"After orientation, I was taken to my new department. First words from my new boss: 'I don't know what took so long. We really could have used you to have started a month ago.'"

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