Skype for iPhone might be coming

In Friday's IT Blogwatch, we wonder if we'll be Skyping from our iPhones soon. Not to mention Atari 2600 powered by hope ...

When Om speaks, we all listen:

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Exclusive Heads up: A few months ago, I asked Skype CEO Josh Silverman when was he going to launch the iPhone version of the P2P voice and IM service that has now been downloaded more than 405 million times. He smiled and said, “Stay tuned.” And so we did.

A tipster — a very reliable one — tells me that Skype is almost ready to launch that iPhone version, perhaps as soon as next week. CTIA Wireless, a large mobile industry trade event, kicks off in Las Vegas next Wednesday, so perhaps the announcement will be made there.


Brenda Stokes doesn't believe it yet:

Okay, so this is probably just a rumor, but there are rumblings going around the tech world that Skype will be releasing an application for the iPhone soon. Like, next week soon! That would certainly be a good way to kick off the month of April, wouldn’t you say?

Darren Murph has an ear to the ground:

Of course, we've already seen a variety of alternatives for bringing Skype and other VoIP apps to Apple's darling, but by and large, they've been supremely unimpressive. There's no word on pricing (we're crossing our fingers for free) or any other tasty tidbits, but you can bet we'll be keeping an ear to the ground for more.

Jennifer Bergen sees a natural pairing:

The P2P voice and IM service has been downloaded more than 405 million one billion times, and with the iPhone being so popular, it’s only natural that the two be paired together. A standalone Skype client might make a lot of Skype-fans happy. And for Skype to stay on top, the move to mobile is the way to go.

Right now, there are a few different services that support Skype in their communication clients, such as Truphone, Nimbuzz, and fring, but this is the first standalone client.


Andy has an AT&T question:

On face the idea of a Skype client on the Apple iPhone sounds like a great deal for users. And it will be. From a convenience perspective you'll be able to call your Skype buddies from the iPhone. When you're on WiFi those calls, like all Skype to Skype calls will be free.


The big question is, has Skype brokered a deal with AT&T that mirrors what they have done with mobile operator 3 in the UK and elsewhere. In those cases the calls that go Skype to Skype are free of mobile minute usage as are calls that use Skype Out.

Doug Aamoth doubts the savings:

But the idea that Skype will be able to save you a ton of money by allowing you to replace your voice plan is likely NOT in the cards.

MG Siegler wants a decent VoIP offering at the App Store:

There are well over 25,000 applications now in Apple’s App Store. But there are still a few notable omissions. One of those is the hugely popular Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) application Skype.


There are other VoIP apps for the iPhone, such as Truphone and Fring, but judging from their reviews in the App Store, none have really nailed it yet. And people are looking for a reliable way to bypass long-distance calls on their cell phones. Skype already has clients on other mobile platforms, such as Windows Mobile, as Malik points out.

But Matthew Bookspan knows this could be another FAIL:

In fact, we could receive a Skype iPhone app that sucks. Yes, it might just be an app that provides basic presence information to the rest of Skypedom. Or, it might charge me mobile minutes to use the service when making a call. If either is the case, then we might have a big Skype FAIL for the iPhone.

And finally...

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