Exactly what she asked for

Work order comes in for this support pilot fish to move a PC so that a new desktop can be installed for a user.

"The other tech and I were slightly confused," says fish. "We hadn't seen a new computer come through for this user and the wording of the work order seemed slightly off.

"I called the user and asked if she had the new computer available. She said she was not receiving a new computer.

"I replied, 'So you're not getting a new desktop.'

"She said, 'No, I'm getting a new desktop, it's coming in today. I need you to move my computer so they can install it. My old one was scratched and needed to be replaced.'

"At this point, I was far too confused to argue. I walked over to the user's desk, where maintenance was installing a new top of the user's desk for her to work on."

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