Macworld 2009 Liveblog - Jobsless rate: 100%

The video is now live:


1:40 - Closing down Tony Bennet.  I'll put up a video when it becomes available.  Thanks for stopping in

1:30 - iTunes - cheaper songs $.69-$1.29 DRM free - the end of DRM era


1:15 - 17 inch macbook $50 anti-glare option.  Sorry guys, CMS is a slow..

The 17-inch MacBook Pro, is the .98 inches thin, 6.6 pounds, and is the world’s lightest and thinnest 17-inch notebook. There’s a 17-inch LED backlit display, 1920×1200. “This is the best display we’ve ever shipped in a notebook.” 700:1 contrast ratio, 60% greater color gamut than the previous 17-inch display.

Longer life lithium polymer battery - built in

1:10 - a place to collaborate on applications with co-workers

1:05 - ilife+iWork box set $169 both sets of apps

1:00 you can use your iPhone as a Keynote presentation device - nice - it is its own little app $.99

12:50 - Now iWork "Magic Transitions"  Keynote looks pretty good


12:40 - Garage Band - Learn to Play.  Music lessons.  Very cool. 

Also celebrity lessons from Sarah McLachlan, Ryan from OneRepublic, Norah Jones, John Fogerty, Cobie, Patrick Stump from Fall Out Boy. STING, wow

12:30 - iMovie demo going on - nothing online yet.lots of little tricks, smoother interface, etc.  Image stabilization seems pretty awesome.  No Online version yet :(  Maps in iPhoto also in Movies


12:28 - wow - is seriously getting hacked - almost as entertaining as the keynote.

12:25 - He's demoing now.  

12:20 - Also allows you to zoom in the pictures based on the face.  For instance, if you wanted to Crop an image, you can have it centered around the face.  Yesterdays Picassa announcement is suddenly not as exciting.

12:15 - Facebook and flickr built in.  iPhoto pulls Facebook data (Facebook API?) like names of people into your photos


iPhoto Places.  Reads geotagging in the Picture Metadata to put a location on your iPhotos.  iPhone has been putting this in photo data since 2.0.  This is less of a shocker but still a great feature.

Can browse your photos using maps from Google Maps....Cool!

From Giz - facial recognition.  I think this is the first consumer application for this.


12:12 - iPhoto Faces - organize by Face!!!  Wow, are you kidding face detection?  I wonder how well this will work?


12:10 Image from MR - Apple growing twice the industry


12:05  Here comes Phil! Talking Stores:

Beijing store. Munich store. Sydney store.

Apple Stores: 3.4 million visitors per week.

That's 100 Macworlds per week.  (That's justification for us bailing on Macworld!)

12:00 Show is starting....Music by Coldplay and the Killers

Jim Goldman from Giz


Some camera peeps have shown up...


Al Gore spotted by Slashgear

Seating by


and Engadget


Slingplayer for iPhone/iPod announced!

What is it like to be at Macworld Keynote?  Jason Chen from Gizmodo:

To give you an idea of what it’s like to wait in line at one of these things, picture Best Buy. Then add in Black Friday. Then, imagine it’s these people’s JOBS to get in as early as possible. Mix in some fear, sweat, jetlag and desperation. Stir.

Getting ready to go in - picture from Slashgear


Some pictures from Engadget and Gizmodo of the expo center


The line from ARS:


Apple Store is Down


And iWork '09 has made it to the Apple Top Downloads - before it is even Announced!


Check back here at 9:00am Pacific time on Tuesday, January 6th as I will be trying to keep up with all of the announcements that Phil Schiller can dish out. I should have a handy list of predictions by then which will be mostly wrong (updated: below)




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