Zunes crash en masse

What with Vista tanking in the media's popularity contests and having to keep XP going to fuel all those netbooks that they didn't see coming, it hasn't been a good year for Microsoft. (For Apple, it's a different matter...) Now, it appears that the Zune, Redmond's rather unsuccessful attempt to unseat Apple's iPod, has experienced some kind of implosion -- in other words, it's crashed. Not just one Zune. All the Zunes.

At least, all the 30GB Zunes. Zune users are flocking to the various support boards and discussion groups (including the official Zune support forum) to complain that their units are now frozen with the Zuno logo and progress bar on the screen and no way to fix it. This apparently happened sometime in the early hours of December 31, 2008 -- the last day of the year. 

As of this writing, there was no word from Microsoft as to the extent of this problem, the cause, or a possible solution. Meanwhile, some are speculating about a Y2K-like bug (that has already been dubbed Z2K) -- or, with more tongue in cheek, an attack by Apple.

Hopefully (for the sake of desperate Zune-users everywhere), answers will be forthcoming.

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