Apple iPhone 3.0 Liveblog: March 17th, 1PM Eastern time

Here's the video:


That's it, event over.  I'll post the link to the video when Apple posts to its website.  AAPL stock is up 2 points but currently heading south.


Q&A from Forstall, Schiller and Greg Joswiak

(no new hardware :( )

Comments on the App store acceptance policy?

A: We want developers to be successful ... and users happy, yada yada (no)

Streaming APIS (like ESPN?)

A: Nope

Peer to Peer: Can you see other people's music?  Can you play?

A: Not sure yet

Performance issues being addressed?

A: Yes, in our own ways (read: Cortex A8)

Voice notes: can you use off the shelf hardware?

A: Yes, if you have an adapter

Promises about Push uptime? (SLA?)

A: No, but we're going to be as reliable as possible

Netbooks or other hardware?

A: Nothing to announce today


A: Built into iPhone 3.0  but have to wait for carriers.

Can you share music?

A: No

You can control devices now?

A: Yes with Bluetooth, you can control and talk to other devices

Peer to peer qualification?  

A: Device to device Bluetooth over IP connection using Bonjour.


A: We have no announcements on Flash or video today.  (Jeez, just give us Qik so we can take videos of our kids)

Why did Cut and Paste take so long?

A: There are a lot of things like security and interface design to consider. (Plus Steve said no VERBS!)  

2:30 Free this summer for all iPhone users but 1.0 EDGE iPhones won't support MMS and A2DP stereo Bluetooth.  Also for iPod touch? a $9.95 update.

2:27 They are launching the iPhone in 17 more countries. 

2:26 Greg J back on stage.  3.0 Dev SDK is available today.

2:25 Updates coming fast.  Shake to shuffle added, Safari password manager, additional languages supported, parental controls for movies, tv shows and app store content. Wifi Auto login. STEREO BLUETOOTH!

2:24 Youtube accounts (can I upload video?  No , ok)

2:23 Notes now sync. Hallelujah

2:21 - Spotlight - is like a search dashboard for your iPhone.  OK, I get .0001 points for calling this one.  Operates by swishing left on your home screen. (I will do this by mistake 38 million times.)

2:20 Search in Mail ... if it doesn't find it locally, it searches the iMAP server.  That is nice. - I've been using the web app but this will speed things up.

Also works on other apps, like Calendar.

2:18 Calendars. Caldav is used by Google and Yahoo - you won't have to use Exchange Activesync, which is nice.  Also much nicer for shared calendar subscriptions.

2:17 Voice memos. Can use external (Bluetooth) mic now. Rah.

2:16 SMS with video, audio, location -- or MMS, or welcome to 2005.  OK, moving along

2:14: Landscape mode. In Mail and notes.  Joy. Other apps to follow.

2:12: Can also send more than one photo in an email using the spacer-selector thingies.

2:10 You can also cut and paste web content.  It is like they are building a real OS here.

2:06 Forstall back on stage ... Copy and Paste!  100 other  new features.  Works as predicted.  You drag points out and a cut/copy/paste menu appears.  Works across all applications.  Demoing in an email.  Cool.  Hard to be all fanboy on this one as it has existed in other devices for years.  I guess this GUI does finally have some verbs.

2:05 Leaf Trombone allows you to play duets with other "artists" online.  This will be cool for 10 minutes, maybe 15.  They demo Phantom of the Opera.  Yawn.

2:00 - Smule's Ocarnia creators are on stage.  Dr. Ge Wang (Prof at Stanford) talking about Smule's success and a new app called "Leaf Trombone"  I guess rusty trombone was already taken.

1:55 - Livefire. A game where you have to buy weapons with real money.  Are people going to really buy an app weapon from the store?  I hope I am missing something here ... 

1:50 Scott Forstall announces ngmoco:) an app exclusively for the iPod touch and iPhone.  Social networking app that is always on (oy) - offers new type of social play and gaming experiences (*yawn) guess they need to get that 3-5 year old demographic - going to just skip this part and hit the bathroom - brb

1:48 Lifescan is taking the stage - they make Glucose monitoring software for diabetics ... simplifying diabetes management on the iPhone.  I'm not quite sure I'd trust my Insulin to an iPhone just yet, but that's me. In the example the readings (over Bluetooth or cable) allow her to plan meals because it has a database of sugar levels of different foods, etc.

Her parents can monitor her glucose levels as well  via updates from iPhone.  Very nice.  Not bad for 2 weeks.

1:46 - ESPN iPhone 3.0 App for watching games.  Screw Slingplayer, get your video from the source!  Oh, did I mention I was a sports fan?  The stream will adjust to the bandwidth ... so low quality - audio on EDGE?

What's interesting is this is going to work over AT&T's network.  Forget getting any phone calls during a popular sporting event.  Ugh.

1:44 - JD Power ranked the iPhone the number 1 app for small business (little interjection there) smartphone users (bah to Blackberry)

1:40 - Oracle has 5 apps available (this is the exciting part for IT people like myself). Push can signal alarms like "low inventory" - Apple is going after inventory management systems.  Wow.  Watch out GE FANUC

Also going over backend CRM access.  Not sure is sweating just yet on this.

1:37 Travis Boatman from Electronic Arts is on stage showing Sims 3.

1:35: Seth Sternberg, CEO of Meebo: All IM clients (like Fring?!) supported including Facebook, MyYearBook(?) AIM, MSN, Yahoo, Jabber ...

1:34: Meebo the everything IM client will have a native iPhone app.  (VOIP, VOIP, VOIP?!)  They made it in 14 days.

1:32: Also a new API for streaming video and audio plus in game voice communication (but no VOIP?)  Lame, so I have to open Wow on my iPhone to VOIP a friend?

1:30 80% of battery usage on background applications (on AIM client) vs. 23% on Push notification.

1:27 - Forstall Talking Push - "you know we are late on this one" (understatemnt of the year) - they had to redesign server stucture - but they are good to go (thanks, no I can use an instant message client on my iPhone  80% of battery usage vs. 23% on Push notification)

1:25: Google Maps inside the application is here now.  API is open to 3rd parties. B.Y.O.M - Bring your own Map.

1:23:  Custom and standard (Dock, Bluetooth, Network) communication protocols

1:20: Allows you to find people over Bonjour, Bluetooth, etc. not just for gaming.  Also for exchanging business cards like Palm did 10 years ago.  Also for Medical devices (cool) - now more than Nike can take your heart rate.

1:18: Peer to peer connectivity for gaming (nice).  Facebook connect, what?

1:16: More uses for subscription based purchase: Maps (turn by turn anyone?)

1:14: New business models for selling books (uh oh Amazon!) magazines, etc.  Also game levels (GL Golf already has this I think)

1:12 "1,000 new APIs for developers" App store enhancements as well

1:10 Scott Forstall gets on stage, last time we saw him he was telling us "push notifications in September of 2008.  More "developers, developers, developers" talk.

1:09 Trism builder Steve Demeter video.  One of many solo developers who have made a career from iPhone development.

1:07: Going over more stats, none of them too surprising. Gameloft sold 2 million copies of their products.  Quite a new platform that is developing.  Talking about how easy it is to develop for iPhone.

1:05: Finally a number of Touch devices:  30 million is the number.  17 million iPhones and 13.7 million touches.  Funny, I would have thought Touches outsold iPhones

1:02 Greg Joswiak (answer to earlier question) "Good morning everyone ... welcome to the campus ..."  Forstall to show up later.  Without heavy hitters, no hardware is likel.

1:00 Let's start the show

12:58: Phil Schiller, Tim Cook and Scott Forstall.  Will anyone else from the executive bios page show up?  And when is the Papermaster going to get a circle picture?

12:55: Why are newspapers like the Seattle PI dying?  No liveblogging on dead trees.

12:53: If Scott Forstall lost some weight, put on some John Lenin glasses, let his hair recede a bit and wore a black turtle neck ... nevermind.

12:50 People going in ...

12:45 - Nobody (but the commenter below) has talked about the wireless inductive charging.  I think Apple has a patent on that somewhere back in the wayback machine.  Also didn't Kev Rose say that iPhone has totally caught up to an as-yet-unreleased Pre?  If so, we gotta have induction, right?

12:30 Will this be the ARM Cortex A8's coming out party?  If Apple showcases this product, it will hit the mainstream media like nobody's business.

12:00 One hour to go ... Any guesses on surprises out there?

10:00 EST: AAPL stock is skyrocketing, up 3 points in early trading ... Something happening that we don't know about?

Stay tuned, I'll be updating tomorrow morning.  Until then have fun withTablet speculation and Cut and Paste and Palm Pre features.


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