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Pilot fish handles IT support for a big manufacturing plant, and part of that responsibility is taking support calls 24/7.

"The very first time I took a middle-of-the-night support call I was a little groggy, being awakened by the phone at 3:30 in the morning," fish says.

"But I quickly woke up and asked questions of the night operator, then talked him through restarting processes and verifying things were working again, right down to telling him which button to click on, what to type and what passwords to put in.

"Typical IT support stuff, and the phone call lasted just over 20 minutes.

"When I turned the light back off and pulled the covers back over me, my loving wife rolled over toward me and said, 'You can remember all that and you can't remember to take the garbage out on Tuesdays?'

"I didn't sleep much the rest of that night."

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