And a very good example it is

Help desk manager pilot fish isn't shy about rolling up his sleeves and helping out when things get busy. So when he spots an administrative assistant patiently waiting for help from an overwhelmed support tech, he asks what he can do.

Admin says she's supposed to log onto a Web site for her boss, but she can't manage to do it successfully, even though she has printed instructions.

Fish escorts her to his office so she can try again. He watches as she places the printed directions on the desk, opens a browser, tries to log in -- and is denied access.

What username and password are you using? fish asks.

"The one I use to log on every day," she tells him.

You mean the one for your corporate network account? Yes, she says.

"I reminded her that the site she was trying to access was not on our network and asked if the directions provided a different username and password," says fish.

"Sure enough, it was right there in the step-by-step instructions. I asked if she had at least attempted that account and password.

"To my surprise, she had not. She said that she thought it was 'just an example.'"

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