CBS's ushers in TV era for iPhone

While I've been patiently waiting for Hulu and Slingbox to pop up on the iPhone platform, a third player has actually released an application - and it isn't that bad.

CBS Interactive, the company behind has brought CBS's content from CNet, CBS Sports and even Showtime to the really small screen.   The App is a free download from tha App Store and it only takes a few seconds to install - even over 3G.

The content even comes in over 3G - which was a surprise for me.  I thought the reason for the holdup on Slingbox was AT&T's refusal to let them use their network.  Additionally, the Joost app doesn't allow streaming over 3G, just Wifi.

Right now the content is a little weak, but I enjoyed part of an old MacGuyver and a few minutes of a 90210.  Obviously there is room to grow in the content section.  Currently, you can get full episodes from the CSI series, NCIS, Berverly Hills 90210, Star Trek: The Original Series, Letterman and MacGyver.  Not a bad start.

The application uses the iPhone's Quicktime video player to play the video.  I noticed a big quality difference between 3G - which looked like a bad Youtube, to Wifi which looked and streamed much better.   Joost, also a Viacom backed entity, uses its own propietary streaming protocol. isn't the first TV application built for the iPhone.  there is Joost as I mentioned before as well as the BBC who already streams its free content to iPhone users in the UK using its iPlayer app.

You can download at the app store from this iTunes link.


Below is CBS Interactive's description:

The application allows you to search and access millions of videos no matter where you go.

It’s personalized TV, brought right to your iPhone and it works across Wi-Fi and 3G Networks – all for free!

Your use is subject to Terms of Use, Mobile User Agreement and Privacy Policy. See link below.

* Browse through our vast list of featured shows or view by channel
* Catch FULL EPISODES of your favorite shows from CBS
* Add keywords to create your own “feed” – a custom list of videos based on your favorite shows, channels or topics
* Start typing a search from anywhere in the app and instantly see search results
* Get video updates on sports, news, entertainment and more
* Let CNET’s experts show you the latest gadgets and technology products
* Save shortcuts to your favorite videos to watch anytime
* Shake-to-shuffle and get a video selected at random

Note: for highest quality videos use on Wi-Fi

Users with limited network connectivity may experience difficulty loading application pages or videos.

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