October 14th Apple Macbook Event Liveblog

Update: Go to the keynote here:


2:08 - That is it for me. I'll post the video when it goes live

AAPL down 6 points, tough crowd!


2:00 - It is Q&A time with the big boys (if someone doesn't ask about 3G...!!!)


Not yet (read Macworld we'll do a tablet that will shock ya)

Apple first with NVIDIA graphics?

We don't know (read:yes)

17 inch?

it gets refresh today too (what? same style? need...more...info...)

Why no Matte (thank you!)

Because Apple pushes light through the back so you don't need it (see touch/iPhone...interesting...proof is in the pdding

Why No HDMI?

DVI is the best tech for computers. HDMI is limited (true)

Why no Blu Ray?

"Blu-ray is just a bag of hurt. It's great to watch the movies, but the licensing of the tech is so complex, we're waiting till things settle down and Blu-ray takes off in the marketplace." (read:Because of iTunes store)

1:58 - Oh and Steve Jobs has a great blood pressure (he doesn't liveblog)


1:56 - Best Environmental choices


1:54 - videos of people using the devices. Fun!

1:52 - Wow, cool process. Turns out that chump from Frog design was wrong. Haters!

1:51 - Showing the brick bricumentary

1:49 -Jonathan Ive talking about how the Bricking process makes such a wonderful broduct. not a typo

1:48 - MAcBook does Dual DVI - 30 inch displays here we come. I take it back I want a plastic macbook or 3


1:47 - Most eco friendly Macbook inthe galaxy... EPEAT Gold, and has 42% smaller packaging size.

1:45 - Macbook at $999 - next gen. Same glass screen. looks amazing...can I hear a 2 tone anyone?

1:40 - New Screen - Looks like my mockup (at the bottom) built in iSight.


1:37 -MacBook Air - NVIDIA 9400M i. 4x faster graphics. upgrading the 120GB HDD (up from 80GB), or a 128GB SSD. Also has a Mini Display port. All good - but where is the 3G?!?!

1:35 Mini Display port can run 30 inch displays. Shipping today....OK, sold, I'll take 2 :D


from engadget

1:32 - Those connectors on the side? they are from left to right: Magsafe, Gigabit Ethernet, Firewire 800, two USB ports, a Mini Display Port, Audio In/Out (analog and optical digital), ExpressCard 34, and a battery indicator! (nailed)

1:30 - Passing around the frame of the MacBook - the same ones you've seen like 100 times from China

1:28: Picture from Engadget


1:25 - 16:9 screens (also nailed it) this is getting a bit boring...


1:22 - Multi - Touch Glass trackpad! Shocker!

4 finger jestures- picture from Gizmodo


1:20- NVidia enters the house...GeForce 9400M - both the Chipset + the GPU, 70% of the die is the GPU....16 parallel graphics cores, pushes 54 Gigaflops and runs up to 5 times faster than Intelintegrated


1:18 - So now they are making the MacBook from a Brick of aluminum. Who whould have guessed? With Lasers no less. OMFG

1:15 - Steve lets Jonny Ive talk about the way they used to manufacture Macbooks vs. the way they do now (brick bricks bricks - said like a 13 year old girl on fire)

1:13 - Steve Jobs back on Stage (are we going to see Macs? and not just laptops?)

1:11 - Stats: Apple gets 1 out of every 3 dollars is spent on a Mac

39% of noteboook share in education

1:10 -"International Stores like Sydney and Beijing have been important to the success of the Mac Platform.."

1:07 - Showing Mac vs. PC ads (King PC)

Photo from Gizmodo


1:05 Cook: "Apple has “better computers” and “better software”, saying “Leopard is far ahead of Vista.”

(is Cook being prepped for a replacement by doing keynotes?!)

1:03 - Tim Cook taking through "State of the Mac"Axis of Evil=Redmond?

Steve Jobs takes a seat...Stocks drop 80 points on Steve Jobs not being able to stand for 5 minutes straight (joking!)

1:00 - Steve Jobs enters the building....

12:59- silence your cell phones - Classical music playing...

12:58 - taking seats

Engadget grabbed a photo of the room


12:55 - 5 minutes, people are moving into position. Have you told your colleagues to run a pick if your boss happens into the room?

12:50 - I am carbo loading with fettuccine Alfredo - the Michael Scott training recipe. 10 minutes!

12:45 - Glass trackpads....I think we'll (Steve and Mac people)need to have a little talk on how the mouse button's time to die is now and how all of those years of not having two buttons was in preparation...I wonder how he's going to deal with glossy screens...

12:40 - 15 minutes to go. Who is at work? playing it cool? remember not to scream when he says "brick" (that was for me)

12:30 - Apple Stock holding its own but down slightly on the MacBook Glossy screen news


11:45 - Looks like doors still locked outside of 4 Infinite loop

11:30: Wow, the anticipation is growing. For those of us not at the office, are you playing the Steve Jobs Keynote drinking game?

10:30 am: Already much news from last night pouring in.

MacBook spy shots

Macbook Pro Spy Shots

New Displays

John Gruber calling all matter of stuff including Glass trackpads and buttonless


I'll be live-blogging here on the 14th when the event begins. That's scheduled for 1 p.m. EDT. Until then, check my latest predictions:

New Apple MacBook Series:

MacBook Pro


MacBook Air
Glass Trackpads (oh my!)
Lack of a mouse button
The Brick


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