Bet it would have worked on Edgar's PC, though

This company has what it calls a "best-shore" approach to help desk support. "That means we have employees in other countries who get paid less than U.S. citizens to read from a script," grumbles a pilot fish working there.

"I've been having problems staying connected to the work VPN -- after five minutes or so, I keep getting kicked off. So I called the help desk to see if they could confirm my settings."

Help desk: Hello, Edgar. May I call you Edgar? What seems to be the problem today?

Fish: No, you may not -- it's Allen. And I can connect to the VPN, but it disconnects me almost immediately.

Help desk: Thank you, Edgar. So if I understand correctly, you can't connect to the VPN?

Fish: No, it's Allen. My name is Allen. And I can connect, but I can't stay connected.

Help desk: I understand, Edgar. So you are having problems staying connected to the VPN?

Fish: Please call me Allen, and yes, that is correct.

Help desk: OK, can you open up NetMeeting, so I can connect to your laptop and look at your settings?

Fish: No. I am working remotely and can't stay connected to the VPN, so I can't log in to NetMeeting.

Help desk: Oh, OK. Please hold on while I check on something.

Three minutes later...

Help desk: OK, did you open NetMeeting?

Fish: Um, no. I can open it, but I am not connected to the network, so you can't connect to me.

Help desk: OK. Then I don't think we can do anything until you get connected to the VPN.

Fish: Are you kidding me? Can you at least walk me through the configuration settings?

Help desk: Oh, yes, of course.

The settings, it turns out, are all correct.

Help desk: Can you try connecting now?

Fish: I didn't make any changes.

Help desk: Oh, OK. Well, is there anything else I can help you with?

Fish: No, you were just exactly what I expected. Thanks for nothing. I'll call Cisco directly.

Help desk: Thank you for calling the internal help desk, Edgar. Please call if we can help you with anything else.

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