The 10 Funniest Election Videos of 2008

Afterglow or hangover? Before the election fades from memory and the work of actually sorting out our nation's mess begins, I'd like to look back fondly at one of the highlights of the past year: terrific political satire, all neatly archived and available on the Web.

Here are my picks for the ten funniest videos of the election year.

10. Paris for President

Within two days of John McCain's “Celebrity” ad comparing Barack Obama to Britney Spears and Paris Hilton, the heiress struck back with her own wickedly funny response, with the help of Funny or Die. “Thanks for the endorsement white haired dude. And I want America to know that I'm like totally ready to lead.”

9. Time for Some Campaignin'

It wouldn't be an election with Jib Jab trashing everyone and everything in this gritty little ditty, set to the tune of Bob Dylan's “The Times They Are A-Changin'.” Look for Obama riding a pink unicorn.

8. Diebold Accidentally Leaks Results Of 2008 Election Early

In this delicously droll news report from May 08, The Onion reveals that though Diebold has already revealed the winner, the sham election will go on as planned. Per a company spokesperson: “We at Diebold would like to formally apologize to our shadowy puppet masters. This will not happen again. Please have mercy on us.”

7. Paris asks President Bartlett for advice

The first commercial was so popular they made a sequel. In this video Paris seeks fake advice from her favorite fake president, former West Wing commander in chief Martin Sheen. “You know, Paris, being a fake president today is much harder than it was in the go-go 90s, when people invested in a web site that sold dog food because a puppet told them to do it.”

6. Sarah Palin meets Hillary Clinton on SNL

Aside from the Democrats, nobody got a bigger boost from this election than Saturday Night Live and Tina Fey. Here's the first of Fey's weekly send ups of Sarah Palin, alongside Amy Poehler's Hillary. Is Hill about to go nuclear? You betcha.

5. Letterman 1, McCain 0

When John McCain blew off the Letterman show so he could fly back to DC to “save the economy” – and then hung around New York City for an interview with Katie Couric – he violated a cardinal rule of politics: Never get into a fight with anyone who buys snark by the barrel full. Letterman's reaction was swift and brutal.

4. Wassuuuuuuuuup!

Eight years after they first aired, the cast of the “Wassup” Bud commercial reunite for a pro-Obama parody that goes viral, garnering nearly 4.7 million views on YouTube. (Techcrunch has both videos side by side, showing just how good a parody it is.)

3. John McCain on QVC

Three days before what seems in retrospect like certain defeat, John McCain appears on “QVC” (SNL) selling Republican memorabilia to fund his campaign -- proving that at least his sense of humor is still intact.

2. Obama Withdrawals

The Onion clocks in again with an acidly accurate report on Obama supporters who after celebrating their victory last Tuesday “woke up to the cold realization that they have nothing left to fill their pathetically empty lives.” So they end up doing things like, oh I don't know, creating top ten lists of election videos.

1. Indecision 2008

I tried and I tried, but I couldn't bring myself to pick just one of the many wickedly funny videos cracked out this season by The Daily Show and Jon Stewart. So I've nominated the entire site. Read it and weep -- from laughter.

So did I miss any good ones? Post your favorite election videos below or email me directly: dan (at) dantynan (dot) com.

When not going cold turkey on the 2008 election, Dan Tynan tends his blogs, Culture Crash and Tynan on Tech.

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