Thanks, boss!

This department is considered "high maintenance" when it comes to equipment working properly, according to a sysadmin pilot fish on the scene.

"They'd been having problems with their main printer, so we did the research and ordered a brand-new one from our vendor," says fish. "As soon as it got here, we wanted to unbox it and get it up there as quickly as possible."

But as soon as the printer is out of the box and on fish's desk, the IT manager strolls by and takes an interest, because new equipment just doesn't show up that often.

He watches as fish and his cohort turn on the printer for the first time and get ready to configure it. First question in the process: Which language should the printer's display use?

IT manager begins scrolling through all the available languages, joking about how funny it would be to put it in one we couldn't read. Then suddenly he goes silent.

Fish turns around in his chair and sees the look on the IT manager's face -- and has a pretty good idea what has happened.

A quick check of the printer's display confirms it: The IT manager has accidentally hit the OK button with Japanese selected.

And fish can't even begin to read the menu to reset it to the factory defaults.

"I'll let you two get to it," says IT manager, and walks back around the corner to his cubicle.

Sighs fish, "Eventually, we were able to find a menu map and change it back to English, but not before trying to translate words using Google -- and without the help of the IT manager.

"Now he stays far away from new equipment until we get it set up correctly."

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