A skeleton key for printers

A universal print driver is like a skeleton key you can pull out to access printers while you're on the road, without having to install a new driver for every printer you meet. Too bad they don't fit every lock.

As the review this week shows, both HP and Xerox have capable universal print drivers, but neither is truly universal. Xerox's Mobile Express only works with PostScript printers, while HP's UPD only works with networked HP brand printers. 

It's been a few weeks since I completed testing, and while I still have both installed I have used them only occasionally. Because neither one works in all three locations where I work, I've found it just as convenient to use the printer-specific drivers. But I'll be traveling more this coming month and may have more of a chance to use both products. We'll see what happens.

Both products are free downloads. If you've tried them on the road, I'd be interested to hear how they're working - or not working - for you.

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