How it's done

Pilot fish with lots of tech know-how and a fresh set of certifications gets a job doing IT support at a fashion retail company.

"On my third day of work, we got a ticket for a user whose mouse didn't work," fish says. "It's a normal occurrence, so I didn't think much of it. But my boss told me to grab a mouse and follow him."

When they arrive at the user's desk, she demonstrates that her mouse isn't working by moving it wildly around on her desk -- mouse pad and all.

Stunned fish can't believe his eyes, and he's about to say something when his boss steps in with a few calming words.

Then he tells the user that he can fix her problem in 60 seconds.

He lifts the mouse, flips the mouse pad over and puts the mouse back down.

Now that the rubber side is on the desk and the smooth side is up, he moves just the mouse to show the user that it's working properly again.

"At that point, I was expecting a 'duh,'" fish says. "But instead, my boss got a hug and a loud 'Thank you! You are so smart! I wish I understood these computers better!'"

It took everything in my power to not laugh out loud. I just bit my tongue and walked away. My boss later told me that it wasn't the first time he had that type of call in this building."

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