The iPhone kill switch -- it KILLS you

Speak to someone outside the corporate IT industry, and they might not have heard of Computerworld. At best, my friends confuse my workplace with our sister publication, PC World; at worst, they think I've joined the glamorous world of retail, courtesy the ever-shrinking CompUSA.

Perhaps that will all change, thanks to the best publicity we could've ever asked for. Last Monday, Gregg Keizer reported for Computerworld that the iPhone includes an application 'kill switch'. It's not unusual for us to be referenced as a source for such high-profile news — but who picked up on this one? Not MacRumors, or CNN, or the New York Times... no, we appeared on no less than The Colbert Report:

Our mention and screen grab occurs at 5:40 into the above clip.)

So there you have it: a tip of the hat from the Greatest Living American himself. Could there be a stronger testament to Computerworld's truthiness?

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