Wii's new external hard drive is really 'cool'

Recently, I wrote a column about how Nintendo had been short sighted in designing the Wii because the gaming system has a pathetic 512MB of onboard storage and there's no external storage device from which you can launch games —so much for storing downloads.

But, I guess folks got tired of waiting on Nintendo to do something about the storage dearth because today someone posted a photo of a Nintendo-designed hard drive for the Wii. Unfortunately, the "hard drive" turned out to be an air conditioner. It wasn't a bad forgery, really. The air conditioner sort of has the same shape as an external drive. It rests on a rectangular stand. The form factor has a tech hardware feel. But the real giveaway is that the device has six buttons on the front. Very conspicuous. I fried my brain trying to figure out what six buttons would do on a hard drive.

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How about a Wii bit more storage, Nintendo?

When online gaming news site GVC asked Nintendo about the drive, in true public relations tradition and without actually seeing the air conditioner, they dismissed it as "rumor and speculation." I had to smile at that one. As an editor, I always get the old "rumor and speculation" comment when asking about future products, so this time it was funny that Nintendo was using the pat answer about a fictitious hard drive.

Nintendo has said they are working on supplementing the storage in the Wii. They just haven't specified how. One rumor is that they're going to use holographic storage. Nintendo would be better off adding a nice 64GB solid state disk drive to the system, but that would also probably drive to price through the roof. At this point, I'm not biting at any rumors. But I've got to admit, the old adage of "the bigger the lie, the more likely it will be believed," was in play with this latest one.

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