Shark Tank: Flop-flop-flopping along

Help desk pilot fish is troubleshooting a user's floppy disk drive that makes a clicking sound and won't read any disks. Mystery is solved when fish spots a floppy that's missing its metal sleeve. Is that the one you were using? fish asks. "Yes," user says. "And now it won't work anywhere else either."

User restoring a backup from seven floppies can't get past Disk 6. When he puts in the final floppy, the program keeps flashing "Insert Disk 7." A quick check by IT pilot fish reveals that last disk is No. 8. Where's Disk 7? fish asks user. "Well, usually it only wants seven disks, but last night it wanted another disk," user explains. "I didn't have one, so I just left the last disk in and let it keep running. It seemed to finish OK, though."

IT director's laptop won't let her save changes to her important presentation to a floppy disk. She goes from PC to PC in the department and quickly concludes that all the floppy drives in the IT shop are bad. Furious, she calls hardware support pilot fish on the carpet. Fish examines the floppy - and solves the problem by sliding the write-enabled tab closed.

Panicky secretary turns up at support pilot fish's door clutching a damaged floppy disk. It can't be read, and the document is too long to retype, and it must go out that afternoon, she wails. Fish rescues the file, then asks what happened. "The boss asked for yet another change," she admits. "And out of frustration, I drop-kicked the floppy across the room."

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