Shark Tank: If only common sense weren't so uncommon

"I lost my files and I need them restored," user tells tech support pilot fish. No problem, says fish. What are the names of the files? Long silence. "What do you mean?" asks user. I need the names of the files you want me to restore, fish says. "I don't know," confesses user. I can't find them without their names, fish explains. "Oh, sure you can," says user. "Just look for the little flower icons on the backup tape. Those are my files."

BATTERY IN a VP's laptop dies, so IT pilot fish sends a quote of $168.50 for a new one to financial controller for expenditure approval. Controller fires back an e-mail asking, "Is the battery rechargeable?"

HELP DESK pilot fish sends out a message to users: Several systems will be unavailable on Sunday evening due to routine maintenance. One user promptly calls to complain, "Didn't you do this last year?"

SOFTWARE ENGINEER pilot fish, getting ready to leave for a conference, requests a company laptop so he can stay in touch with office e-mail while he's on the road. "Our department has four or five high-end laptops for visiting staff," says fish, "so I figured this would not be a problem." And the response doesn't take long at all. Request denied, say the laptop keepers: "Our IS department policy is that company laptops cannot be taken out of the building."

AFTER A CHAIN e-mail makes the rounds at this company, CIO sends e-mail to all users reminding them that this is against company policy, quoting from the employee handbook about appropriate e-mail use. But this IT pilot fish receives an extra copy with a directive at the top: "Please print and distribute to all those employees without e-mail access."

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