Shark Tank: I knew that

Network admin pilot fish calls big network switch vendor about a management software problem. "Are you using one of our servers?" vendor tech asks. "No," fish answers. "Well, there's your problem," tech says. "You know your company doesn't make servers?" fish asks. Pause. "I realize that," tech says.

Boss marvels at his new secure ID card's sophistication. It no longer uses just numeric access codes, "it even generates alpha characters, too," he raves to IT pilot fish. "That's not an E, it's a 3," fish points out. "You're holding it upside down."

User pilot fish scans in a document but can't get it to print. Tech support: "Was the source a WordPerfect document? Our scanner isn't set up for WordPerfect." Fish: "I can't tell, and neither can the scanner." Tech: "Oh. I knew that."

But No Password Doing routine maintenance on a manager's PC, IT pilot fish asks for the manager's password. "I don't have one," manager insists. "But how do you get into the system without a password?" fish asks. "I type this instead," manager says. And he shows the fish a slip of paper - containing his wife's name.

On his way to a remote office, user takes his laptop. For convenience, he checks the laptop as baggage at the airport. At his destination: no laptop. "It appears to have been stolen and is never seen again," reports co-worker pilot fish. "And the user in question is our risk manager."

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