Shark Tank: Unclear on the concept

Pilot fish suggests to database administrator that reindexing the database more often will improve performance. OK, says db admin, from now on instead of once a month, we'll reindex twice - at the beginning of the month and again at the end.

User in a rush to upload payroll information from a remote office calls the help desk - she can't start her laptop. Pilot fish walks her through the obvious: Yes, she says, power cord is plugged in and cables are connected. "When I arrive, the first thing I notice is there's no light on showing the computer is plugged in," he says. He follows the power cord and, sure enough, it's not plugged into the wall. Why did the user say it was plugged in? "It was always plugged in before," she says defensively. "So I didn't think I needed to check it again."

Time for a Break IT pilot fish's stepson is home from college, and fish is pleased to see from his textbooks that he's taking a computer class. "But I couldn't figure out why the textbook - DOS Mundos - was in Spanish," fish says. Stepson clears it up: It's for a Spanish class, and the title means Two Worlds. "Shortly after that," says fish, "I took a vacation."

University support pilot fish fields a call from a nervous user whose PC has quit working. "The message is telling me to hit F1 to resume," she says, "but I swear I wasn't even working on my resume!"

User is trying to print a document on a single page, but every time she sends it to the printer, it runs over onto a second page. Pilot fish watches her save the document to a floppy disk, walk it over to a PC with a larger monitor and try printing it again before asking why. "It all fits on the screen over here," user says, "so I figured it would print out better."

Power user pilot fish's network connection suddenly drops dead, so he calls support. He finally gets an answer: "It's a planned outage," says support tech. "Why didn't anyone tell me?" asks fish. Tech answers, "I just found out myself."

New user is learning a CAD application in one-on-one training. An hour into the training session, instructor pilot fish suggests the trainee save her drawing file. User says confidently, "Oh, I don't need to. I've got one of those power strips."

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